Common problems of led high bay light?


LED high baylight, as an increasingly popular industrial lighting fixture, has manyadvantages and some disadvantages. In addition, some manufacturers usedifferent materials, resulting in endless problems of high bay lights;


1. Turning offthe lights, this is the most serious problem, because after the lights areturned off, the loss of the enterprise is the most troublesome thing;


2. Flickering,the situation is that the lamp keeps flashing, if you stare at it for a longtime, it will cause eye discomfort;


3. Dim, that is,the light is bright, but there is no light, which is caused by a typical lampbead soldering;


4. stroboscopic, stroboscopic is that the lamp keeps flashing according to thefrequency of the voltage, long-term use will cause irreparable damage to theeyes


5. The lightdecay is too large. After some LED lamps have been used for a period of time,they feel that they are not bright enough, mainly because the light decay istoo large;


6. Flashing,that is, the light is on for a period of time, then suddenly goes out, and thenlights up again after a while;


According to theactual use, the above common problems are summarized. For the specific reasons,please refer to the common troubleshooting methods of LED high bay lights.

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