What are the advantages of LED mining lights compared to metal halide mining lights?


With the development of LEDtechnology, LED lighting fixtures are becoming more and more perfect, and theircost is gradually decreasing, which has been welcomed by many industries. LEDmining lights have become the first in factories, warehouses, workshops,garages, backyards, supermarkets, exhibition halls, and sports venues. What arethe advantages of LED mining lights compared to metal halide mining lights?


1 Usingoriginal high-power LED as the light source, it has the characteristics of highthermal conductivity, low light attenuation, pure light color, and no ghosting.


2 Theenergy-saving effect is obvious, and the use of high-power LED light sourcesequipped with high-efficiency power supplies can save more than 60% energycompared to metal halide lamps.


3 Calculus lenstechnology is used to effectively prevent glare, which can meet the needs oflighting scenes from different angles.


4 The uniqueintegrated design of heat dissipation and lamp housing effectively conducts anddiffuses heat, thereby reducing the temperature inside the lamp body andensuring the service life of LED light sources for 50000 hours.


5Green,environmentally friendly, and pollution-free, free from lead, mercury, andother polluting elements, without any pollution to the environment.


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