LED Eye-protection Table lamp

  • YH-EPTL-15C


15w LED Eye-protection Table lamp
  • Parameters

    Model No: YH-EPTL-15C

    Watts(W): 15W

    Power Adapter: DC12V 2A

    Light Color(K): 3000K, 3500K, 4000K

    DC12V LED Eye-protection Table lamp 15w

    Technical indicators

    ProjectTechnical indicatorsControl standard
    IlluminanceNational Standard AAGB/T 9473-2017
    Illuminance uniformityThe ratio of the maximum to the minimum is less than 3GB/T 9473-2017
    3000-4000KGB/T 9473-2017
    Color Accuracy(CRI)Ra>95SQL/LSA 008.10-2016
    Chromaticity tolerance≤5GB/T 24823-2009
    Shading brightness<1800CD/m2GB/T 9473-2017
    GR ratingFinished product GR0IEC/TR 62778:2014

    Blue light emission limit

    (no danger)

    ≤100 W.m-2.sr-1

    SQL/LSA 008.10-2016

    GB/T 20145-2006

    Infrared radiation

    (no danger)

    ≤100 W.m-2

    GB/T 20145-2006

    SQL/LSA 008.10-2016

    Light output fluctuation depth

    ≤ light output waveform frequency *0.08/2.5 (%)

    Or frequency is greater than 3125Hz (actual 4K)

    SQL/LSA 008.10-2016

    GB/T 9473-2017

    Initial luminous flux>95%SQL/LSA 008.10-2016
    Luminous maintenance rate000h:>98%;6000h:>95%SQL/LSA 008.10-2016
    Noise≤20DBGB/T 9473-2017
    Angle of inclination>15°GB 7000.204
    Surface temperature≤55℃SQL/LSA 008.10-2016
    Energy efficiency ratingLevel 1GB/T 24825-2009
    Wire lengthExposed length is not less than 1.8 m

    SQL/LSA 008.10-2016

    GB/T 9473-2017

    Light source spectrum test report

    Light source spectrum test report

    Product Features

    · Environmental protection: no pollution, no UV, no infrared and no heat radiation.

    · Low-energy design, light source made with semiconductor technology has extremely high photoelectric conversion efficiency.

    · Safety 12V low voltage DC power supply, no glass parts that are easy to break, to ensure the safety of users.

    · DC power supply eliminates the electromagnetic radiation pollution of high frequency alternating current.

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